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Hot Philosophy is the website specially for children and young people interested in philosophy.

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You can find out about how to set up a philosophy club, learn more about what P4C (Philosophy for Children) is, and what you do in a Community of Enquiry. There is a link to Cauldron of Rebirth, which is my novel containing philosophical themes.

You can contact me to get your ideas posted on the site.

What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is about thinking deeply around important questions – ones that all humans are interested in – that have no obvious or straightforward answers. People answer these questions in different ways, for different reasons, often because of the culture they’ve been brought up in.

The world is a complicated place, and philosophy can help us to make sense of it.

One branch of philosophy is called ethics, and that is about reflecting on how we ought to live, about what is right and wrong, and our reasons for thinking as we do.

Philosophy can help us to tell the difference between a sound argument and one that soon falls apart. And exchanging ideas with other people is very exciting and stimulating when everyone respects the viewpoints of others.

Castell Dinas Brân

Guess what!

You can think philosophically anywhere, anytime! It may be something someone says, or something that happens, something you see or read, being in woods or climbing a mountain that sets off a chain of deep and exciting  ideas. Ruins are great places too for connecting to the big picture of life. Jot your thoughts down as soon as you can so you can return to them later!

Why do philosophy?

You get better at reasoning and thinking things through!
You become more confident in your own decisions and conclusions!
You understand yourself and other people better!
You see the amazing puzzles of the world beyond 'ordinary life'!




You say

I have just read Cauldron of Rebirth and I know how Maye felt at school at the beginning, because I’ve felt the same way with a really bossy friend. Also I really want to visit Castell Henllys now and see where Maeve’s family lived.

Luce age 11 Blackpool UK

Hope you get to Castell Henllys Luce, it’s a fantastic place. Have you visited their website and taken a virtual tour?

We are starting a philosophy club at school and we’re reading Cauldron of Rebirth in it. My best philosophical question so far is can we ever say that something is impossible, because you can feel it stretching your brain.

Dylan, age 12 London UK

Your philosophy club sounds excellent, Dylan. Another interesting question for me is, can things only be either ’true’ or ’false’ or are facts a bit more ’fuzzy’ than that? Well, maths is pretty exact, but in the real world are things a matter of degree? Is there something you could call ’grey truth?’

Here is a good quote for you, by Albert Einstein:

’So far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain. And so far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.’

Tricky one!

Looking up at the sky at night helps me to think philosophically. I get ideas like - does space ever end, and if so, what comes after it?

                                            Simon, age 10 Cardiff Wales  UK

Yes Simon, the night sky is great for thinking philosophically, and for making us think about very large things (the universe) and very small things (ourselves)!


This is our poem and we hope you like it. By Talia and Ellie, Shropshire UK

Rules for a good life

Don’t eat too many chocolate cakes,

Don’t wish too many wishes,

But dream every night good dreams OK

Love every person to your soul

Please lick out the ice-cream bowl OK

Children you will jump and run,

The birds will sing their special song OK

OK OK OK  hm, hm, hm

I love this poem, Talia and Ellie. I guess everyone else will too. Could be good as a start to a philosophy session as well!






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